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Intenso Marine

The only authorized and warrantied Marine version of Inferno, this Marine unit provides deterrence and protection for marine applications whether they be fixed or mobile. Allowing Peace of Mindfor the cruising sailor or yachtsman at anchor in out of the way and less than secure areas, the Inferno Sound Barrier will not only make their presence known, it will push them away.

At the dock, whether in a Marina or behind a home, the Inferno Sound Barrier will provide protection and deterrence to and can be added to any existing alarm system.

When used in the Mobile offering, the sound barrier may be moved around the boat to various locations and when activated brings the attention of security personnel and other yachtsman to the signature sound of the Inferno Sound Barrier.

Placement at helm stations, engine rooms, boarding areas, and in the isolated marinas on offshore islands will bring an early warning and also a level of deterrence.

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