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About Sound Barriers

Inferno sound barriers create an intolerable spectrum of sound and broadcast it at 125dB. This spectrum is so utterly unbearable that it quite literally forces the intruder to exit immediately.

Why does the sound barrier exist?

Conventional alarm systems do not thwart intruders. Due to typical response times, neither do security patrols. Intruders currently act with impunity, safe in the knowledge that nobody dares intervene, and when security finally arrives, they'll be long gone. Short of having a security guard on-site 24/7, until now there was no way to forcibly evict an intruder.

There exists a plethora of products to dissuade the intruder from entering (gates, fences, grates, locks), and equally many to detect and monitor him once he's in - however nothing that will force him to leave - until now. Enter the sound barrier.

How it works:

The patented sound generator produces a highly complex spectrum that is extremely disruptive to the human brain. It produces four tones (frequency range 2-5kHz) simultaneously, and forces these tones to oscillate wildly and rapidly. The dynamic nature of the resultant spectrum renders the brain incapable of identifying and thus "blocking out" the din - which is exactly what it does to the simple and static twin tones of a conventional alarm system siren. However, the sound spectrum is but one part of this security system. Amplified and broadcast at 125dB, the resultant effect is almost debilitating. As the seconds pass and the brain fails to cope, the intensity builds rapidly until the command to retreat is issued. Failure to vacate the protected zone provokes differing reactions from nausea, inability to concentrate and communicate, disorientation to vertigo. The dynamic nature of the spectrum has a beneficial side effect: it is extremely difficult to locate the source of the sound, ensuring that the intruder cannot readily eliminate the cause of distress.


Inferno sound barriers are compatible with all existing security systems, and are easily retrofitted - they can either replace or operate in tandem with an existing security siren. They merely require a 12V source to keep the internal battery charged, and a trigger signal - meaning that existing 4-core cable is more than sufficient. Multiple units can be installed, either in series or parallel.

Excluding the massively powerful InfernoX, all sound barriers are fully functional without mains power. This fact means that the units will continue to sound even when the power supply is cut. Several complete, stand-alone mobile systems are available - which opens up Inferno security for service vehicles, boats, mobile homes and temporary storage/offices. One of these systems is capable of being operated and monitored via SMS.

Security applications:

Inferno sound barriers are suited to a vast array of applications - from retail outlets to warehouses, factories to banks, server rooms to secluded baches, commercial and residential premises. A list of other suitable applications can be found here.

Available in 13 countries world-wide, current clients include 200 "Boots" pharmacies in the UK super-chain and over 1000 "Ekspert" consumer electronic stores across Scandinavia. A significant milestone was recently realized when the U.S. Department of State approved the Intenso for use in its embassies worldwide.

Several insurance companies in Scandinavia now refuse to insure high-risk customers unless an Inferno sound barrier is installed, whilst others offer reduced premiums and excesses to businesses and residences where a sound barrier is part of the security system.

Is it safe?

Just like that definitive icon of Swedish safety the Volvo, it's safe. Despite the extreme capability of the Inferno sound barrier, a study by Stockholm's Royal Institute of Technology's Technical Acoustics department concluded that "the sound barrier is harmless", and that only frequent & prolonged exposure would cause hearing damage. Download the full report.

The sound barrier does not exceed the parameters established by the prestigious internationally recognized ISO standard entitled "Noise Induced Hearing Impairment". It does not breach the audible siren limit (130dB) as defined in the joint Australian/NZ standard entitled "Intruder Alarm Systems." Nor does it contravene OSH/H&S regulations which define a 140dB peak limit. The physical effects of exposure disappear shortly after the sound barrier is switched off. Legal information for the sound barrier.

The world's foremost expert in non-lethal technology, Sid Heal, had this to say of the Inferno:

"All non-lethal agents are debilitating, not incapacitating. The human brain is susceptible to certain frequencies that have nothing to do with volume. Inferno sound barriers don't just make it difficult to remain in an area - they force you to leave."